Cloud Computing – You’re Using It Already

Cloud computing is the Internet as far as Broadcast Newsroom Computing is concerned.  The second generation of the web brings tremendous fortuity for business and for individuals. queried vendors, analysts and IT customers attempting to determine how the “cloud” is being used.  Of course first on the list is software as a service (SaaS).  The idea software will be served up on demand and as needed via a browser for less cost.

Business to business cloud computing is such a string of buzz words.  Utility computing is one business serving another’s need for more computing power.  Some argue against such as cloud computing.

Services offered on the Internet fit the criteria.   Google maps and PayPal are good examples.  Give it some thought and you’ll come up with others on your own.

There are many Internet services for businesses.  All kinds from wikis (file sharing services) to customer services like call and support centers.

A managed service is a commercial service for businesses that exists because of the Internet or cloud. 

You’re using the cloud when you subscribe to free email services and photo sharing. 

The attraction to cloud computing is independence.  Rod Fontecilla in “Cloud Computing: A Transition Methodology” lists what he calls “key characteristics” of the cloud:

  • Minimized capital expenditure – infrastructure is provider-owned
  • Device and location independence
  • Multi-tenancy – enables resource and cost sharing among a large pool of users
  • Monitored and consistent performance – can be affected by high network load
  • Reliability via redundant sites – allows for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Scalability to ever-changing user demands – results in lower costs
  • Improved security from centralized data and increased security-focused resources

At Dawn Kawamoto points to a Google chart on searches for  cloud computing late last year.  Clear increases in interest and undoubtedly because of potential cost savings and efficiency boosts. Those are a couple of news production requirements hardly ever seen in each others company.

With all the interest, tomorrow BNC searches for what to expect.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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