Cloud Computing Is What

There are so many buzz words when computers and technology are discussed.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing, like everyone else, seeks simplification and understanding of the jargon.

One such case is  “cloud computing.”  So let’s really make comprehension fuzzy using a term like cloud with synonyms including haze, murk, vapor, smoke and veil. 

At the Web 2.0 Expo last year a Jay Leno MOS style survey video was conducted to determine if anyone fathoms “cloud computing.”   The video is humorous but telling how many ways even professionals and the informed view cloud computing.

Here’s how many often represent the cloud visually.  The individual, the human we must always remember, is shown in the graphic as workstations connecting to the cloud and services inside the nebula.


“Cloud computing describes a system where users can connect to a vast network of computing resources, data and servers that reside somewhere "out there," usually on the Internet, rather than on a local machine or a LAN or in a data center.” That is part of the definition Russell Kay writes in his Computerworld article “QuickStudy: Cloud computing.”   BNC simplifies the explanation of the “cloud” as the Internet and the connecting term  “computing” as anything done on the web from a human interface device.  I had to use HID.

There have been so many attempts at defining “cloud computing” Martin McBrown in a blog post at Computerworld decided to write “What cloud computing isn’t.”  McBrown refers to out dated technology that compares analogously to cloud computing.  He is right when he argues, what now seems like, obsolete technology be excluded from the concept of cloud computing today.

The boardroom phrase I’m most often amused with is “going forward.”  Because we are always going forward, IMHO, I’ll leave the humor behind in this case.  Further discussion of cloud computing here considers only what it offers. 

Broadcast Newsroom Computing tomorrow presents services in the cloud, resources broadcasters might ponder.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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