Managed Service Features and Benefits – Is It Right for You?

The primary goal of a managed service is to save the customer money.   Cost saving is first on the list of at least ten expectations from a managed service provider.  Here are just ten features of an MSP:

  1. Fixed price for projects or services
  2. A proactive scheme to prevent problems
  3. Oversees a robust back up plan
  4. Easy point of contact for users’ problems
  5. Assists with other technology providers
  6. Advises on impact of other technologies
  7. Helps plan IT strategy
  8. Tailors solutions for you
  9. Provides quick response where appropriate
  10. Saves expenses compared to in-house costs

In the spirit of integrity, Broadcast Newsroom Computing is written by a partner in Rowe and Company, LLC which offers a managed service for newsroom computers.

Some myth busting in regard to managed services is attempted at ChannelWeb where Scott Campbell last fall wrote “Dispelling The 10 Biggest MSP Myths.”  I like his Myth 2 where he promotes ChannelWeb’s monthly customer reviews as opposed to quarterly post mortems.  And the other that remote monitoring of a system is very different than managing a system.  The topic of managed service is often confused and misunderstood.  The purpose of the past days was to demystify managed service and make the topic plain.

Cisco is in the game and has the most documentation I’ve seen written by a single provider.  In one doc Cisco asks “are managed services right for your business?”  Absolutely the first question to consider.

Then there is the other document on “managed service helps you thrive” written by the same provider.  Sort of like you decide you want to get married, so it’s right for you, and then you work to make the marriage. 

The InfoTech Update newsletter cited in earlier posts details six benefits a managed service offers the customer:

  1. Reduced operating costs
  2. Increased efficiency of the enterprise or system
  3. High level of expertise in regard to services provided
  4. Reductions in system down time
  5. Managers can focus on managing their business instead of their system
  6. Peace of mind there’s someone to call 24/7/365

Of all features and benefits of a managed service reduction of cost of ownership of an enterprise is key.

Tomorrow’s Friday Memo – Positive signs on the horizon.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC



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