Six Major Social Network Tools

Social networking is growing rapidly in the United States according to Netpop Research LLC. Just yesterday the trades were abuzz with the latest from The Nielsen Company.  The gist of the Nielsen report is worldwide use of social networks and blogs grew even more than in the US.  Sixty-seven per cent globally compared to around 40 per cent in the US last year.  The report is titled “Global Faces and Networked Places.”  Social networking is global but ultimately is local because people are involved.  It’s an exhilarating challenge facing media in determining how to keep up with changes in social behavior.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing lists six major social network sites or utilities.  There are hundreds of social network sites.  The list of six is United States centric.

    1. Facebook is the real comer from last year with better growth rates; billing itself as meant more to connect people than entertain them.
    2. MySpace is more popular and entertaining, and the larger money earner.
    3. Linkedin is a professional’s social network site; growing rapidly in the economic downturn but designed to find resources through a social network.
    4. Twitter – the short message site with all the buzz; nearly everyone seems to tweet (broadcasting a message to followers) to figure out its best use.
    5. Skype is more VoIP (voice over internet protocol); free computer to computer phone calling is how many families spread across nations communicate.
    6. YouTube  – very popular for video sharing and a whole lot more. All sorts of video producers have stuff on the site.

BNC’s list focuses on the US but the sites are worldwide interests.  Each in the list has its own niche and advertising model.  Twitter apparently worries less about making profits. 

Each of the six is very different so ways people use them vary.  Their age demographics vary as well.  Every demographic seems to be covered in the spread of six.  You really need to study each to find where they and sites like them fit in social behavior.  These posts offer you a start for your research.

Tomorrow Broadcast Newsroom Computing ponders how to put it all together.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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