Genuine New Thinking – The Case for Virtual Machines

On one job we used to say “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.” On another there was a saying “good enough is good enough.” I always disassociated those words from myself. Seek the best and make it better fits more with Broadcast Newsroom Computing. We’re about concepts to make work in the newsroom easier and less expensive.

Virtualization, the use of virtual machines, is mature enough for consideration in broadcast news operations and genuine new thinking. Visit the VMware web site and sign up for webinars to learn just how far you can go with virtualization. Microsoft has education too. MS even has a showdown with VMware in one video. Pay more attention to virtualization as a business solution.

Information technology aficionados cite a mere four reasons virtual machines fit in today’s enterprises. They like the ability to separate operating systems and minimize interference. They think mixing and matching machines with little problem, being able to move them around as files, and independence from hardware quirks are all good reasons to use virtual machines. I agree.

I used VMware created virtual machines for sales presentations, training, server consolidation, to manage disparate databases and machine recovery. I configured a small computer network, using multiple operating systems, on a single notebook computer. I eliminated a router and two computers and monitors from the system. Over the years I moved from three road cases to a single notebook and LCD projector. It was a peaceful arrangement. There were power savings, shipping costs saved, elimination of road cases and constant repairs too. You have to look beyond the obvious to realize the benefits of virtual machines.

Sure there is a learning curve but you’ve been given resources over this week’s posts to take you to web sites to get you started. VirtualBox has a chart on what you might need to experiment. Look around web sites on virtualization and get an idea of the level you want to utilize. There’s so much information you may become overwhelmed.

The world of technology is really evolving. There is more candidness than is often witnessed. Virtualization takes everyone’s ability to play together, with legacy, current, and different applications all on the same machine or host playing field if you will, to openness realized in few circumstances. I’m charged with possibilities to grow and save.

BNC’s Friday Memo tomorrow – economic indicators television groups observe.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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