Genuine New Thinking Saves Money, So Does Virtualization

Virtualization is to computer hardware what Adobe Acrobat Reader has become to documents created in any application. Everybody uses PDFs as a means of displaying what before required paper for everyone to share the experience. Now you only need Reader which is free to all. Like PDFs VMs are files.

There are four primary benefits to virtual machines reports

  1. Virtual machines are isolated from each other and the problems with one operating system affecting the other are minimal
  2. Compatibility, everyone getting along while remaining distinct is possible because all physical resources are presented as a generic set to VMs
  3. Virtual machines are a compact set of files which become easily portable
  4. And they are hardware independent. You can have old machines running on new hardware.

Virtualization has been used for testing software configurations and for server consolidation – reducing the hardware costs; the expense of machines for so many applications and to conduct offline tests.

Microsoft provides the usual list of benefits that promote only their solution but say little about how VMs help you. VMware uses a much, much smaller club to sell you their solutions. VMware was first in my recall and experience. Sun’s VirtualBox is new and open source and that means a really high learning curve.

Microsoft has trial software; VMware offers freeware and VirtualBox is open source so your newsroom IT can play around with the one of their choice. Maybe even reduce some costs through testing and consolidation with the freeware.

Clearly some money can be saved with virtualization and depending on how far you take the concept a lot of money. You have to create the matrix to determine cost versus education versus free versus profit. Sometimes spending a little to make the process easy saves you more money and sometimes you have to suck up and educate yourself for free no matter the cost in time.

That’s precisely what Broadcast Newsroom Computing attempts to help with tomorrow. Which is better – Open Source or Expensive Supported Providers?

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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