Where to Find One Man Band Skills

There are a number of free video editors on the market and very expensive ones as well.  Editing is an essential skill in broadcast news production but when told you’re doing everything from planning, shooting, telling the story and publishing your piece there’s definitely more involved. 

Al Gore may not have invented The Internet but he did have a hand in Current TV, the cable channel and website for citizen journalists.  Such an enormous project relying on resources out of their control needs standards explicitly communicated to contributors.  Video journalists understand there are guidelines for news departments, stations or web sites.  Current TV has done an excellent job of providing the resources TV makers need.

Current TV explains how to develop skills anyone requires to make TV from shooting to producing and distributing.  The training site is laid out quite well and friendly and chocked full of good information.  The resources tab and sidebar offer even more guidance on copyrights and legal forms you might at least want to understand.  You will learn to shoot, edit, produce and publish with aplomb when you go through the training at Current TV.

You at least need a camcorder, computer, and video editing software to practice what you learn.  You can buy a handheld camcorder for just over $100 and even get HD.  Shop around.  You can buy a notebook computer capable of handling video editing for less than $600. 

Windows provides Moviemaker for free and it’s a reasonable and simple editor.  With some minimal skills you can make great videos with the freeware.   There are tutorials on the Microsoft site for Moviemaker.  YouTube has about 60 training videos covering Moviemaker.  It’s all free.

If you have a Mac then iMOVIE really rocks.   It’s got great features and a site filled with tutorials.  The training is free.

Most video editor manufacturers have some sort of free tutorials on their web site.  I’ve found the more expensive the editor the less free training offered.  Pinnacle which sells the really cheap, low-end but good Studio editor has lots of good information for movie-making at it’s tutorial site.  So while Studio costs around $100 it is an inexpensive way to get a better video editor for PCs.

Study all these sites in a self-paced fashion and you will certainly acquire the basic skills demanded in today’s broadcast newsroom.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing presents a new feature tomorrow – Friday’s memo.  BNC will share the week’s  intelligence on the state of newsroom computing.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company


One Response to “Where to Find One Man Band Skills”

  1. One-man moviemaking is a great way to get seen by audiences quickly, cheaply, and effectively.

    I just finished my 20th film in the 48 Hour Film Project, completing all 20 entirely alone, with no outside assistance. You can see a 3-minute montage of all 20 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSIJr9HhMAA.

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