Web Browsers, What’s Yours?

Everyone has a preference for a particular browser to surf the World Wide Web.  I have a favorite as well.

You’ll notice sometimes certain sites won’t perform as expected with some browsers.  The peculiarity is the reason anyone producing for the web needs to have multiple browsers on their workstation or computer. 

Available browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Safari
  5. Opera
  6. AOL
  7. Flock

Flock presents itself as the social web browser and offers some customizable features geared toward that end.

Include AOL when thinking about browsers.  You might think why but your audience may avoid the question and use what is simple.  There are free versions of the browsers AOL wishes you to use and be directed to their portal.

Opera offers all kinds of features for easy browsing.  There’s also a mobile version for smart phones.

Apple produces Safari.  The computer maker claims Safari is “the world’s best browser.”  There’s a beta version out now.

The majority of the browser users I know prefer Mozilla Firefox.   Firefox introduced tabbed browsing first and everyone else followed.  Firefox has a number of extensions that make it perform like other applications.  I can recall software engineers looking for heads to chop off because someone introduced a browser based application that had problems functioning in Firefox.   I hope that gives you some idea of the popularity of Firefox.

Google entered the browser fray with it’s Chrome.   Google has some interesting features.   You have to play around with the various browsers and decide which one fits your preferences and work patterns.

Now comes Internet Explorer the Microsoft entry.  MS is making an effort to compete with the other browsers.  IE still has most of the developers and designers using it as the standard.  Despite some bugs and threats usually against Internet Explorer, it is still a must have on your computer even if you don’t use it.  I find I need it sometimes when certain sites give me problems with my browser of choice.

Why would you want to have seven browsers on your computer?  You need to see how your web production plays on each stage.  These  platforms are out there and you must be able to play on each of them.  Sometimes there are slight differences in your web output in each browser and sometimes it just works for all.

Web developers and even web editing software recognize the need to preview your web output on all the various browsers.

Please return to Broadcast Newsroom Computing tomorrow for more education on new tools entering the newsroom.

Patrick Rowe

Rowe and Company
275 Grove Street Suite 2-400 Newton, MA 02466 USA


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