How’s Your Digital IQ?

Do you really understand the basics of technology in your workplace and your personal life?   The question came to me as I considered offering my favorite site for basic technology training.  Years past I stumbled upon a free online resource that offered certification in productivity software (Microsoft Office applications) at an address Sony set up to sell it’s electronic products.  So while a lot has changed over the years and the site is really hyping Sony consumer products like you’re on 47th Street in New York City, I encourage you to go over to Backstage 101 and check out the free course offerings.   You’ll learn what can help you in the newsroom and as important you’ll get a good idea of what kind of digital technology your audience is learning and using.  By the way the site is an example of giving to the greater community in hopes of profiting in business; sort of what is expected in Web 2.0.

I found a site to test your digital intelligence quotient.  So, if you want to get a sense of where you stand, you know a base line, and maybe what you need to learn to come up to speed, take the fun Test Your Digital IQ Quiz.  I took it and of course it reported I am a nerd. I’m cool with that.

I also know despite earning nearly a hundred certifications in various applications and technology I still have a lot to learn and I want to learn.

Economists suggests many of those laid off and even those still employed will begin to more aggressively seek education during the slump.   Some are using that knowledge to market seminars to boost your basic digital literacy. Microsoft has established a threshold and examination for what the software giant considers “digital literacy.”  What you are expected to know today to choose a professional or personal path in your digital life is now an online examination that gains you entrance to Microsoft certification programs.  Microsoft has made it so you can get to that point for gratis.

Microsoft is taking some heat for laying off 5000 employees while launching it’s Elevate America training program to help those who have been laid off.  Read MS VP Steve Ballmer’s layoff memo in All Things Digital.  I personally think it’s smart on Microsoft’s part to introduce a global community program (there’s more than America being targeted) giving money and resources to community organizations.  Creating buzz and good will training potential customers for very expensive MS certification classes.  Oh by the way, those same people create a market for Microsoft products.  It’s downright viral.  I have to appreciate it.

So maybe a good place to start as you seek education about new technology in the workplace is take an assessment of your basic digital literacy.  Begin there and what might seem overwhelming becomes easily achievable.  You can do it – all online or in a classroom.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company


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