State of the Industry 2.09

I can tell you there is constant buzz in offices and conference rooms and executives suites about the state of television and broadcasting.  What that means to you is determined by your individual circumstances and desires.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing is taking a stab at helping with the basics for you to make informed decisions.

It’s a completely new world that is moving at the fastest pace I’ve witnessed in a long time and that means there’s going to be a lot of stumbling.  You must first accept there is no perfect technology.  Some find that daunting when there’s software claiming to do everything for broadcasters and journalists are being asked to do everything in the production process.  It is discouraging. Let’s try to make less so.

The best free resource I’ve found is Adobe’s list of primers and their page to pitch broadcasters gives you a good idea of the state of the industry.  You may work with another production system as there are a number of vendors offering what’s called end-to-end solutions like Adobe’s pitch. BNC started yesterday with “Reporting in the New Millennium” to prepare for the change to doing it all.  We only want to point to sources with basics. 

Video is television’s strength and editing is the process gone digital. offers an online Beginners Guide to DV Editing. has tips for one man bands.  Shooting video requires some basic knowledge of photography and no one beats National Geographic in that regard today.  Their tip site provides a good refresher on what the eye needs to search for in pictures. So when you’re unexpectedly handed some gear and told you’re now shooting you have some resources.

The new world, the current state of the industry, demands journalists at least understand the process from planning to multi-platform distribution. 

Broadcast Newsroom Computing plans other looks at specific areas of digital news production the journalist in the new millennia has to comprehend.  Check in tomorrow for an assessment on the future of journalism.

Remember Broadcast Newsroom Computing’s Skills and Talent for Hire page.  If you’ve been laid off, you may have an elevator pitch and contact information posted on the page for free.  Email   You can get the background in our post “Colleagues Laid Off – Jobs Need.” 

James Rowe

Rowe and Company


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