Reporting in the New Millennium

Here’s another in the Learnin’ To Earn posts. 

So you’re asked if you know how to report on television, radio, Internet OR in print?  You should answer all of them.

Here’s how you can hold true to the claim.  You can do this now and in less than 30 minutes at News University.  I wrote about the Poynter Institute e-learning project yesterday. 

Surf to News U, get and register an account, and immediately take the “Reporting Across Platforms” course.  Download their list of self-paced courses to discover how much they really have to offer to help journalists keep up.  The class is described on the second page of the PDF.

You’ll learn concepts from Victoria Lim; she practices content convergence, an area of journalism under discussion for over a decade that is now truly reality.  Learn story development and presentation across television, radio, Internet and print.  Learning to use the tools involved is the province of your employer.  If you decide to freelance the tools you need are reasonable. With a budget you could probably buy everything you need at an electronics store or online.

Completing the News U course will certainly prepare you with the basics and concepts needed to comprehend the use of the tools you or your newsroom deploys.   The course itself is a demonstration in non-linear storytelling.

As a former manager I like this useful feature of News U course planning.  Once you complete the course you can have the time you spent studying tabulated and sent to anyone you wish.  Maybe the person who asked you the question if you could report on either of the multi-mediums. You could also make a PDF of the web page and use it as documentation or certification of your skill set.

Another in the string of Learnin’ To Earn suggestions comes tomorrow when BNC offers more free online education resources to cover the basics of new media.

Remember Broadcast Newsroom Computing’s Skills and Talent for Hire page.  If you’ve been laid off, you may have an elevator pitch and contact information posted on the page for free.  Email   You can get the background in our post “Colleagues Laid Off – Jobs Need.”  

James Rowe

Rowe and Company 


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