Learnin’ To Earn

We continue the Broadcast Newsroom Computing mission of trying to offer you something to take away each time you visit.  We decided to address the issue of astronomical unemployment in the United States and a global economic slump.   So I know this will not be a single post.  I’m unsure, as everyone is about the economy, as to how many posts on “Learnin’ To Earn” we will offer in coming days.

I heard Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman speak on ABC’s Good Morning America where he explained 20,000 people are losing their jobs everyday and the average unemployment check is $300 a week. 

So what are those without work to do with these days besides look for employment?  How about gaining some education?  How about learning the new skills required for journalism in this millennium?

The best source of education for mid-career journalists (many of those losing their jobs), in my opinion, is the Poynter Institute which has created an e-learning site called News University.  Many of the courses there are free and some have minimal costs.  All of the training I examined was of tremendous benefit to keeping a job in the Web 2.0 world.

You’ll need to register and that’s free.  Once registered you can enroll in and take what appears to be as many courses as you wish.

There is one new course I believe of particular interest in light of some recent events that have required some journalists to re-apply for jobs that have changed.   Broadcast journalists in particular are becoming media generalists.  They must know how to handle all if not most of the productions steps involved in digital storytelling.  Check out News U’s course – Reporting Across Platforms.  It’s free with registration so what do you have to lose.

I’ve known about and been associated with Poynter Institute grads for the last 20-years.  I’ve taken some of their seminars as well.  Everyone I know, including a couple of my best friends, who has taken Poynter courses has had high praise for the institute.  It is my recommendation for a good start on learning how to keep earning.

Please review BNC’s Skills and Talent for Hire page where you can post an elevator pitch and contact information for free if you have been laid off.  Contact us at bnc@roweandcompany.biz.  Read the post “Colleagues Laid Off – Jobs Needed” to get all the details on how you can use the Skills and Talent page.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing tries to offer you as many free resources as we can find since we have empirical knowledge of the economy.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company 


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