Colleagues Laid Off – Jobs Needed

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers report more than a half-million workers were laid off in the last quarter of 2008.  This quarter doesn’t look better based on my own forecasting for business.  The government’s numbers are usually conservative.  Quite frankly the numbers are untrustworthy.  Nonetheless our government’s tracking is at least a barometer of what’s happening in families and homes these days.

After many talks with broadcasters and others, Broadcast Newsroom Computing takes a small action but at least action to help during the economic slump   Look to your right under the Pages heading – last listing – to click on a new page introduced by BNC titled “Skills and Talent for Hire.”

We just had to react to the concerns we’ve heard.  So here’s how our new page works.  First, all we ask is for meritocracy and integrity on the part of those we want to serve.  Here are the steps:

  1. email your request to
  2. include your name and description of jobs for which you are searching
  3. add less than three lines of text pitching your skills and talent
  4. provide a website URL , email address or telephone number so you can be contacted

That’s it.  Four steps in hopes of turning your employment situation around.

Here’s a list of web sites you might want to consider while  hunting for work.

  • – free listing for your skills
  • – public profile with your resume or some form of it
  • Journal Broadcast Group –  bills itself as the site for broadcast wannabes
  • – film, television, video and digital media
  • – lists radio jobs, poke around the site for television and other branches of the industry
  • –  check out their job searching site especially for broadcast
  • – related to the popular email newsletter ShopTalk and a good place to search – free membership available

Don’t forget the importance of focusing on your resume.  It is the document you use to sell your skills and a lot has changed over the years in the way outplacement agencies recommend writing  resumes.  You can get some basics in’s resume writing article.

Take a look at some resume samples and cover letters at

We certainly hope BNC helped in some small way.  Good luck.

Patrick Rowe

Rowe and Company


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