Very Simple Project Management 5

This is the final post in Broadcast Newsroom Computing’s Very Simple Project Management series.  We defined a project and discussed the project management triangle in some detail.  Remember the three sides – time, cost, scope.

This was the part of my certification class I liked because most had yet to experience the concept the instructor was subtly trying to introduce.  It is an underlying and unrevealed but most significant tenant of project management. 

You’ll hear the term stakeholder mentioned and it refers to anyone who has something, anything at all at stake in relation to the project; even people invisible to you.  The skill of the project manager is to rank stakeholders (unseen ones too) and combine that with the project management triangle to administer resources.  This is where the simplicity really wears off.  You’ve got to become political and bend and hold steady all at the same time.  The skill is when to do which.

So let’s for a moment violate the KISS rule we touted so much in this series of posts.  Take a look at Project Smart’s quick start guide and steps to project management to get started and I know you’ll have problems trying to honor the keep it simple silly rule but put this in your files.

I liked the resources offered at Mind Tools where I found this quote  about the site "…some of the specific skills you will need to plan and run projects, helping you to complete them successfully and with minimum waste."  A little beyond very simple but loaded with resources.

If you think Microsoft has the answer to everything then you can check the latest version of MS Project I was once pushed to at least learn about.  Microsoft has a lot of excellent solutions for business.

The latest tool I’m excited about and learning to use is part of my cloud computing study as well.  Action Method Online is a web site that promotes itself as simple project management.  An easy way of using SaaS (Software as a Service) to manage simple projects.  Check it out, there’s a free version.  I found it to be very simple project management.

Well BNC hopes we’ve given you some simple ways to manage projects and offered you enough tools to make your work easier and more successful.


James Rowe

Rowe and Company


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