Very Simple Project Management 4

We’ve had what I consider a couple of breaking news stories in the midst of this series.  I think the articles point out more reasons why Broadcast Newsroom Computing decided to write this educational series.

We’ve defined “project,” presented the project triangle, examined time and cost.  Now for the foundation of the triangle – scope.  Honoring the KISS rule scope is the work involved in achieving your goal – a product, service, or report.  Think of product as the set you constructed and the scope was everything you did to get it done.

workers puzzle

What exactly is it you want to do?  Scope considers only what you want done and only what it takes to accomplish exactly what you want done.  That’s simple.  Here’s how the Project Management Institute looks at it.  Their Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) said “sometimes the term scope is used to mean the totality of work needed to complete a project.”  The guide goes on to discuss forms and processes for completing the project. 


In terms of managing the scope I think one basic form must be a work breakdown structure because it will layout tasks, resources needed and determine cost and time to complete the project management triangle.  The WBS is a simple tree structure showing dominate and subordinate relationships of everything required to complete the project.  You can brainstorm and streamline what you want done with this structure.  There’s a good idea of some forms you might want to use in project management at ITtookit where resources are for sale and free.  Duke University has a free MS Word document that is very easy.

You have definition of basic concepts and some tools to accomplish tasks in determining  project scope which helps judge cost and time – the project management triangle.

In the final post of the series BNC will give some summary and perspective to project management concepts we’ve presented.   We’ll even offer some more tools to help make life easier.


James Rowe

Rowe and Company



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