Very Simple Project Management 2

In the previous blog we explained a project is a simple assignment with an end time and a deliverable (product or service or report).  We believe very simple project management involves three sides of a triangle like the one you would hear about during any project management education.  So here’s very simple project management triangle.



It’s sometimes referred to as the triangle of constraints.  I like PMT – project management triangle.  It’s not suggestive or negative just pragmatic.  I also believe pragmatism is the absolute basis for success in any project.

Three sides to the triangle – time, cost and scope (work).  The relationship of the three are puzzle like depending on the project – event, product, or service.


In this post let’s deal with time.  Three questions I ask about time involving project management:

  1. how much – is there a start and end?
  2. is it elastic or rigid?
  3. are early warnings or simple alerts desired regarding targets?

Each question adds a degree to the measurement of the importance  of time in a specific project and how you might think about managing time for this express project

I checked for at least a couple of definitions to make sure I communicate the most important way to consider “time.”    Time is an “indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another,” according to   Of course Google  defined the term as “the period of time during which something continues.”  Let’s make it simple it’s “duration”  and in very simple project management

Time = Duration

Very simple right?  That’s how project management deals with time.  Always a consideration like the other sides of the project management triangle. 

The next post deals with cost; another side of the triangle.  You’ll have to think of cost in a different way as well but a very simple way just as I hope you’ve learned to think about time.


James Rowe

Rowe and Company


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