No February Sweeps

The expectation for events viewers would make appointments to watch (or most certainly Tivo) are usually high this month.  However the February sweeps I guess can’t be called the February sweeps this year because the start date for the seasons collection of viewer information is March 5th and sweeps end April 1st – April Fool’s Day.  Just a note. 

Initially it was to get around the full change over to digital broadcasts according to The Buffalo News.  The change over to all digital signals has been put off until June. However, as usual, there will still be major events to attract viewers this month according to the reprint of the article in NAB365

Nielsen Media usually conducts the survey of viewers and there’s a science to it.  You can learn a great deal about how the data is collected at the Nielsen site.   You can even learn about the jargon and methodology.  Nielsen has a wire with some of the nationally available ratings of television shows.

These are different times but the sweeps still affect more than television programs.  Those who provide services for producers of media have to change some practices and recognize the focus on winning viewers during a sweeps period. 

One of the best sources I know for when the sweeps are scheduled is the TVJobs site.

So now you have enough information to plan your year around sweeps.

James Rowe


Rowe and Company


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