Sign of the Times and Economy

I had been following the angst among photographers for NBC and Fox in Philadelphia where WCAU AND Fox 29 are pooling shooters for events all media intends to cover – sort of a local news service that will make money.  What we used to call pool reporting when I was a White House Correspondent quite some time ago and we didn’t make money.  There was recently a similar situation with Fox and NBC in Chicago, a market I worked for 14-years.

At WMAQ editorial workers not on the air have been told they will have to re-apply for their jobs.  It’s not cost cutting according to Vice-president of News Frank Whittaker.  “But the real reason is to take the resources we have and try to produce more content in more platforms than we’re doing right now, and more platforms also means that hopefully we’ll start making more revenue,” he said.

“These new jobs are going to require multiple skills. You’ll have to write, edit, you’ll have to know how to send a story to the Web, order graphics and design graphics for the story you’re working on.”  Whittaker said they intend to train all the employees who win the non-union jobs.  “People are going to be asked to do a number of different skills vs. what they’re doing now.”

It’s new technology sources tell me is provided by Dalet Digital Media Systems.  According to confidential sources it is the latest newsroom computer system on the market and promises all the features journalists have been asking for in these changing times.


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