Guidance in the Face of Adversity

We pay attention to all the economic forecasts.  We must do business.  In tough times executives often turn to technology for cost savings.  

Technology has improved enormously since I first heard of it as an answer to expense reduction.  And even today my research points to varying technologies as potential solutions for businesses faced with cost cutting.

“Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends, offers practical and timely tips for managing your business in challenging economic times.”  So says the tag line in her Open Forum Article “7 tips to help make your business more resilient, now.”  Technology is right at the top of her list of seven.  Campbell calls it “low-hanging fruit” and laments many could do more with technology.

Technology ranks in the five trends to be on the look out for in an  report “Five Tech Trends to Watch in 2009.”    I thought huh– the trends match a number of the topics I’ve planned for future posts.

  1. cloud computing
  2. virtual machines
  3. net computing
  4. open source software solutions
  5. social networking

We have some interesting and useful topics planned for BNC.  The aim is to keep you aware of what’s available to help maintain the quality of the services you may provide your shop and to help you wisely tighten your belt.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company


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