Where To Begin

Broadcast newsroom computing is an extremely narrow subject of concern mostly to television and radio journalists.  However, computers and journalism have intersected and changed newsroom computing and how storytelling is done.

Rowe and Company is particularly interested in digital asset management with this blog; which by the way the topic encompasses all phases of newsroom computing – from capture to editing to play out.   So our professional view of broadcast newsroom computing is greater in scope than traditional definitions of newsroom computer systems.  Script production and show layout is just the beginning of how technology has drastically changed in the last decade.

R&C begins business operations narrowly with a managed service for iNEWS newsroom computer systems, however, we want to explore the broader topic here at Broadcast Newsroom Computing.  Rowe and Company truly wants all users and administrators of all phases of broadcast news production to help make this where we begin a long overdue discussion.  To wit here is a link to a brief survey and hoping we keep our future posts much shorter.

R&C moderates this blog but you make it valuable to all those who work daily with the tools of digital news production.  We only hope to direct the conversation and to bring this public forum some opinions from people involved in the evolution of digital news production.

In our sincere openness this is a place to discuss ENPS, Dalet, iNEWS or any other newsroom computing system broadcast journalists use.  Here we hope you will share your problems and your answers to troubles of others.

James Rowe

Consultant, Rowe and Company

Social Network: www.linkedin.com/in/jamesrowe1


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